Buddhas Palm Technique

“Fire Cloud” crashed, “Evil God” descended, and Middle-Earth became heaven. The dictator “Three Palms” ruled the world with the power left by the “evil god”. Long Jianfei is a pariah who dreams of changing the world but has limited ability. Long Jianfei was destroyed in the door, his palms were cut off, but he unexpectedly got the “God’s Palm” power from the “Fire Cloud Evil God” and broke his palm to regenerate. Long Jianfei ordered the rebels with the “God Palm” to unveil the pole rebellion! The “God’s Palm” has caused a lot of blood and rain in rivers and lakes, and it can better detect the evil inside people. Long Jianfei inherited not only the power but also the desire and ambition …

“Conquering the world is easy, and surrendering its heart!”

“The Palm of the God of God” will recast the Hong Kong monster martial arts classic with science fiction martial arts.


  1. gak ada kotak CC , adanya cuma download, share, setting dan fullscreen.

    1. semoga bisa cepat ada update subtitle indonya

  2. Film “Buddha Palm Technique” ini gak ada CC dan juga gak ada bendera apapun.

  3. Mana sub. Indonya

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