Eight Hundred Soldiers Rushed To The North Slope

In order to rescue the 100,000 sand barbarian army surrounded in the north slope city of the Shenzhou army soul Li Chasfeng Marshal, Huang Zi in the general organized 800 prisoners and people to the north slope city to start camp rescue, 800 people after thousands of dangerous obstacles through the tomb secret road into the North Slope City, rescued the battle of Li chasing wind and other soldiers, and in order to protect the land of Shenzhou, And willing to stay in the town to guard the north slope city, waiting for the Kyoto aid troops arrived, finally, 800 people under the leadership of Huang Zi, through the heart war, blasting war, the battle to guard the city, after the street war has been heroic, but also finally for the aid army to fight for the time to eliminate the Saudi army, guardthe North Slope City, 800 people team has thus become the hero legend of The North Slope City.

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